IC555 Negative supply voltage low current

This circuit is a depressing power supply integrated. Which can be situated useful to circuits with the intention of carry out not need much course. Using IC rejection. 555. The primary of the circuit.

IC555 Negative supply voltage low current
IC555 Negative supply voltage low current schematic
Exertion of the circuit is IC1, R1, R2 and C1. The range of the A lasting Multi Vibrator, and the output is a open place wave. It is a upbeat hint pulse frequency of 2.3 kHz output pin 3 of IC1.And C3 and D1 connected to circuit CLAMP. to it serves to signal a positive pulse to pulse signal unenthusiastic.The D2 and C3 play-act negative pulse warning sign is converted order current (DCV) electrical signals. The negative power. in this fashion the output voltage to a negative DC electrical.


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